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Dr. Ross J. Pulver joins Houston orthodontist Dr. Larry A. Rose’s orthodontic practice

May 4th, 2014


By: Larry A. Rose, DDS, MS

Meet Dr. Ross J. Pulver who will be joining the Houston orthodontist Dr. Larry A. Rose’s team of superior orthodontic specialists June 2, 2014. Dr. Pulver will be a wonderful addition to the Houston orthodontic office that is known as the go-to orthodontic office in Houston. Ceramic braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and enhanced metal braces are what Dr. Rose’s superior team of orthodontists do best. Call (281) 493-2370 to schedule a free orthodontic exam for you or a loved one, and meet Dr. Ross J. Pulver and the other orthodontic specialists, Dr. Derek Powers and Dr. Larry A. Rose, who are dedicated to providing the best orthodontic treatment in Houston! Dr. Pulver grew up in California and in addition to orthodontics, Dr. Pulver enjoys cooking, surfing and water polo. Dr. Ross J. Pulver also spends time with his Chocolate Labrador, Buckley. When you visit the Houston orthodontic office of Dr. Larry A. Rose, be sure and extend a big hello to Dr. Pulver who is very excited about coming to Houston.


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muhammad ali….and me

March 25th, 2014

By: Larry A. Rose, DDS, MS

This blog was planned to have been written around the time of the date of Muhammad Ali’s birthday, January 17.  Readers who know me, Houston orthodontist Dr. Larry A. Rose, and those who read my blog  are aware I was Muhammad Ali’s Ringside Dentist for over 10 years. Our friendship continues long after Muhammad’s last ring appearance. Traveling with Muhammad and being on the “inside” with the “Greatest of All Time” gave me a very unique perspective of the world and exposure to a wide variety of people. At the time, I was too young to really comprehend the experience, and only over the last few years have I begun to reflect how being with Muhammad Ali and the “scene” impacted my life.

Muhammad and his Trainer, Angelo Dundee, taught me a great deal about life; and I learned even more from them by observation.  Angelo and Muhammad did not give me formal instruction as what to do and not to do, I learned by watching, listening, and seeing results. Angelo did, however, give me specific instructions regarding the media, and that was to never verify a story. In the early stages of being with Muhammad, I was contacted by the media on many occasions to verify a rumor or story. Following Angelo’s advice, I NEVER did any verification, and it did not take long for the media to learn that “the Doc don’t talk” and the requests for verification stopped.

Muhammad Ali is the most recognized person on the planet. He has been courted by Kings, Heads of States, Presidents, despots and movers and shakers the world over.  Yet, Muhammad never displayed rudeness towards others, and was willing to chat or honor a request for an autograph or hand shake; except after a fight. Following a ring appearance, the only person who could touch Muhammad’s hands was his masseuse Luis Sarria.  When we were at a restaurant, Muhammad made a point of thanking the wait staff for serving us, and would go into the kitchen to thank the chef and his staff for taking care of us. Muhammad Ali never met a stranger, and his warmth towards others is genuine. That warmth extends to his children. If you have had the opportunity to meet them, you will experience the same warmth and kindness from his children as their Dad with no hint of a celebrity attitude.

Muhammad had a saying that resonates with me often, and that is “friends don’t keep score”. Think about that statement, and embrace it in your approach towards others and it will serve you well.

Muhammad was active on the lecture circuit, supporting himself when his right to box and earn a living were denied him due to politics in the late 60’s. One of the lectures I enjoyed the most was the one about the Wine of Success and the Wine of Failure. The point of the lecture was he who tastes the wine of success will know success and he who tastes the wine of failure will know only failure.  So always seek the wine of success and avoid the temptation to taste the wine of failure. Simple words, but words to live by too.

Muhammad and LarryThe Muhammad Ali Center is located in downtown Louisville, KY. The City of Louisville donated the land, and the Muhammad Ali Center, a non-profit organization, raised $82 million dollars for the building and exhibitry.  The Muhammad Ali Center is a beautiful structure, filled with information about Muhammad, but also designed to show how Muhammad’s life impacted politics that shaped America from 1960 forward. On any given day, there are groups of school children touring the facility learning history and viewing films that show life in other countries. As families plan their summer vacations, the Muhammad Ali Center could be considered as a place to tour. It will be a very worthwhile experience.




Braces for children-Bullying at school

January 3rd, 2014

By: Larry A. Rose, DDS, MS

Bullying of school children is a very serious concern of parents. One of the reasons I have been a proponent of performing an orthodontic examination on children before all the permanent teeth erupt is to assess their dental appearance, as well as their overall orthodontic condition. In the December 2013 issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics, a study done of Jordanian school children relative to bullying was published. The sample was of 920 students in the 6th grade. The difference between boys and girls regarding bullying was not that great, so the statistics are inclusive of both genders.

40% of the children reported they were bullied and the bullying had a significant negative impact on their school performance.  50% of them reported their dental appearance was the target of the bullying, and 34% reported their weight was the target. Out of the 50% reporting the dentition as a target, 21% reported spaced or missing teeth as the cause, and another 19% reported protrusion of the upper front teeth as a cause.  Dental crowding, spacing, and protruding upper teeth are some of the major physical signs that could prompt a parent to set an orthodontic exam appointment and learn if their child is a candidate for children’s braces.

The Houston orthodontic office of Dr. Larry A. Rose offers a no charge initial orthodontic examination. If you would like to have your child evaluated, our office is just a telephone call away. (281) 493-2370. If your child has commented on their dental appearance, listen closely. They may be seeking help to combat an issue at school that you may not be aware of.

Avoiding breakage of orthodontic braces!

December 8th, 2013

By: Larry A. Rose, DDS, MS

The holidays are in full swing, and that means lot’s of exposure to candy, popcorn, and other food items that can damage braces. Be careful and avoid hard candy and sticky food, and brush well after a candy snack!  Children’s braces and adult braces are subject to damage and the consequences of a loose bracket can add additional time to an orthodontic treatment program. This happens because the teeth surrounding the tooth with a loose bracket move in a controlled manner, but the the tooth with the broken bracket may move into an undesirable position. If a bracket does become loose, call Dr. Larry A. Rose’s orthodontic office, (281) 493-2370, and make an appointment for the repair. It is not a good idea to wait for the regular appointment because by then, it is possible unwanted tooth movement has happened. All of the orthodontists and staff at Houston Area Orthodontics want our orthodontic patients to have the best orthodontic treatment possible, and working together can help make that happen!

Enhanced metal braces with colors are good looking!

Enhanced metal braces with colors are good looking